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Manage Your Way Out of Debt PLR

plr packages "Manage Your Way Out of Debt" provides much needed relief for people drowning in debt. It clearly explains each method of debt management: settlement, consolidation, credit counseling and bankruptcy.

With the business lockdown, unemployment, and severe consequences of the COVID19 virus situation, more people than ever are seriously over their head in debt. Nearly 11 million people are unemployed as of November 2020.

60% of the businesses forced to close because of the lockdowns will not reopen. 800 small businesses close each day

Rent and mortgage moratoriums will soon end which makes the financial environment even more threatening.

The average credit card balance per card is $6,200, an increse of over 20%. The average number of cards per person is 4 -- that's a total debt load of $24,800.

The market for debt relief and information is huge. The pain is real

You receive everything you need: A guide book of over 8,000 words, autoresponder tips, social media updates and even memes. All produced and written by Dee Power and Brian Hill, experts in finance and commercially published authors.

Here is what's in our Debt Management Private Label Rights Package

plr packages Ebook over 8000 words

plr packages 6 articles of 400 to 500 words each

plr packages 21 debt management Tips -- another 2300 words

plr packages 12 Tweets

plr packages 8 Social Media Updates

plr packages 5 memes

Manage Your Way Out of Debt Ebook
Chapter Outline 8100 words


Making Your Financial Comeback

Credit Report

Your Credit Report is based on FICO

What is Debt Management?

Overview of Debt Settlement, Negotiation, Counseling and Bankruptcy

Debt Settlement

Should You Consider Debt Settlement?

Downside to Debt Settlement

Negotiating With Creditors

Debt Consolidation

What is Debt Consolidation?

When is Loan Consolidation a Bad Idea?

Home Equity Loan Rates: What You Should Know

How to Refinance with Poor Credit

Credit Counseling

When is Credit Counseling Right For You?

Personal Bankruptcy

Should You File Bankruptcy

How to Avoid Personal Bankruptcy

But that's not all you'll receive. You also get

12 articles of 400 to 500 words each

12 Debt Management Articles

Secured and Unsecured Credit Cards: What You Need to Know For Debt Management 563 words

Personal Loans When You Have Poor Credit 496 words

Withdraw from Credit Card Addiction 550 words

Credit Counseling - Choose the Right Credit Counseling Service For You 534 words

Get a Credit Card with Bad Credit 441 words

Is Credit Card Settlement for You? 409 words

Is Declaring Personal Bankruptcy the Step You Need to Take to Get Out of Debt? 424 words

When Should You Consider Bankruptcy? 435 words

Begin Your Financial Recovery 412 words

Should You Try to Settle Your Debts Yourself? 454 words

Can You Settle Your Debts Yourself? Four Tips to Settle Your Debts 410 words

How to Negotiate with Your Creditors When Settling Your Debts 511 words ,br.,br.

21 Tips

12 Tweets

8 Social Media Updates

5 memes

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Debt and Credit Card Management PLR